Excursión en catamaran en Palma de Mallorca

5 excursiones mejores que el Magic catamaran en Mallorca

Today we are going to take you on a catamaran excursion through the bay of Palma with the Attraction Catamaran.

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catamaran in mallorca

Palma de Mallorca Auditorium, 10:00 in the morning. As if it were a James Bond movie, everyone lined up and ready. On boa


The tour

The Attraction catamaran is unique in Mallorca, it has capacity for 115 people, and today we are about 80 passengers, which although it sounds like a crowd, thanks to the dimensions of the catamaran we are not crowded or anything like that.

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We leave towards Arenal, and as soon as we leave the Port of Palma we see a spectacular image: La Seu and the walls of Palma, a priceless view. Afterwards, go straight to the bar to order a glass of very cold sangria, because sangria and soft drinks are included in the excursion. So with sangria in hand, we enjoy the views of the bay and the beautiful day that accompanies us.


After sailing for an hour, we made our first stop of the day, to take a swim. We did not bring diving equipment because we knew we could buy it on the catamaran. It costs €7.5 and they give you the mask and diving fins, which you can also take home.

catamaran in mallorca


A little more sailing, another stop to swim, and before we know it, it’s time to eat. The food is delicious, because let’s be honest, sometimes you don’t have everything with you with food on excursions, but in this case that doesn’t happen. We eat as much as we want: pasta salad, grilled meat and PAELLA, but what a paella, uhmmmm And for dessert, melon and watermelon.


And so without realizing it, after taking a short nap in the nets at the front of the catamaran, it is time to return to the Port of Palma de Mallorca, after having enjoyed an excellent day on this catamaran excursion through the bay. from Palma de Mallorca.

catamaran in mallorca








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